How will changing your plan affect your billing?

Understand what happens when you upgrade or downgrade your subscription

What happens when you upgrade to a new plan?

If you choose to upgrade your plan, our billing system will calculate the pro-rated charges and charge your card at the end of the billing month.

How do you downgrade your plan?

There are two options for downgrading your plan:

  1. Downgrade immediately : We will deposit pro-rated credits for the unused fees in your account, and they may be used towards another upgrade within 180 days of your downgrade date. Any credits remaining in your account after 180 days will automatically expire.
  2. Downgrade when the current billing cycle ends : This option will keep your account on the paid plan until the end of the billing cycle. At that time, we’ll automatically downgrade you to the Free plan.

Keep in mind, downgrading to the Free plan will not delete any of your data immediately, but:

  • If your account is over the 200 MB file storage limit, you will not be able to upload, download or use assets.
  • If your account has guest accounts, they will be deactivated, although you will be able to reactivate them as full members if you wish.