What features make up the Visibly platform?

Learn how individual features fit together

1. Dashboard

2. Feeds

3. Assets

4. Campaigns (Currently being updated)

5. Moderation

6. Leaderboard

7. Analytics

8. Settings

1. Dashboard (Admins and Employees)

The dashboard presents a summary of all company and personal activities.

Reporting Highlights & Summary - Insights into publishing activities and asset uploads.

What's Hot Right Now - Here you can see top posts in the company based on interaction i.e Likes, comments etc.

My Contributions - Users most recent post & asset uploads.

Activity - Geo-location map showing all user posts by geographical location.

2. Feeds (Admins and Employees)

Feeds are aggregated lists of employee published posts. Admins can create as many feeds as they want. Feeds are created according to audience and communication needs.

The default feed uses the company name (taken at Super Admin sign up).

Feeds can be created (Admins only) for internal or external communications, or both.

If internal, posts can only be published to the internal feed wall, but cannot be shared externally to social media. Essentially an internal feed is a social intranet.

If external, posts can be published or shared to social media directly any user invited into the feed. External posts are visible to all users from the aggregated external Feed, whether they are connected on social media or not.

RSS feeds can be added to any feed, meaning existing articles form the web, or your company blog can be pulled in for employees to share to their social channels.

Similarly, jobs can be pulled in from your applicant tracking recruitment system for employees to share to their networks.

When creating a new feed, Admins can invite existing users from the organisation (Employees) or from outside of the organisation (Guest Users). If inviting Guest Users, a non company domain email address can be used, such as hotmail or gmail.

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3. Assets (Admins and Employees)

Assets are files that have been uploaded by employees to the library. These can be files uploaded from the phone APPs, Google Drive or locally from a pc. Assets can be images, videos, PDF’s, audio, text or data sheets.

The asset library hierarchy is as follows:

1. Categories

2. Folders

3. Assets.

Admin users can create categories and folders to help keep files organised.

There are default settings and flows including:

a. General - Default company category created when Super Admin first signs up.

b. Campaign - Specific category created as part of a Marketing campaign.

c. My uploaded assets - Assets uploaded by the individual user.

As soon as assets are uploaded and moderated, they are made available to the whole company.

Supported file types include:

.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .mp4, .gif, .pdf (Admins and Employees).

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4. Campaigns (Admins and Employees)

Create and share customer, talent and internal marketing communication campaigns via desktop or mobile. Project manage your content creation tasks. (Currently being updated)

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5. Moderation (Admins & Moderators)

Any uploaded asset must be first moderated and approved before it is available to al users. External posts created via either mobile or desktop must be moderated and approved before they go public.

Internal posts do not require moderation, and are instantly published to the internal feed.

Admins can also send a feedback message to users if their post or asset is unapproved (rejected).

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6. Leaderboard (Admins and Employees)

Users can see their overall or departmental ranking.

The ranking is calculated by experience points (XP) which are gained by doing various activities and tasks within Visibly, for example creating a post, adding assets, receiving likes, shares and comments.

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7. Analytics (Admins only)

The analytics within Visibly focus on 3 core areas.

1. Culture - We provide Admins the ability to measure their employee net promoter score eNPS and evaluate if they have the correct culture for employee advocacy.

2. Internal - We provide Admins the ability to measure their internal engagement and platform adoption. Essentially helping employers to better engage their workforce and spot any user adoption bottle necks.

3. External - We provide in-depth analysis of social media and employee advocacy.

Analytics can be filtered by time, channel, user, department, tenure, sex, age range, post, asset or campaign. Data sets can be exported to csv or pdf.

8. Settings (Admins and Employees)

Account (Admins and Employees) - Change user details such as profile image or password.

Social Accounts (Admins and Employees) - Connect or disconnect social accounts.

Content (Admins and Employees) - Set RSS feed preferences and Linkedin accreditation.

Integrations (Admins) - Connect up existing technologies such as Slack and Google Docs.

Widgets (Admins) - Generate embeddable social widgets for your website.

Departments (Admins) - Add and remove departments.

Users (Admins) - Add, remove and manage users.

Points (Admins) - Allocate points and gamifying Visibly to your specific needs.

Billing (Admins) - Manage your subscription and invoices.