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What features make up the Visibly desktop platform (Top level)?

Visibly core featres.

The Visibly desktop version looks like the following (For Super Admin):

1. Dashboard



4. Assets

5. Campaigns

6. Moderation

7. Leaderboard

8. Analytics

9. Settings


1. Dashboard

The dashboard shows a summary of all the company and personal activities

The dashboard is divided into 5 parts:

  • Company 
  • Quick links (Document, photos, this months magazines) - top assets, top posts etc.
  • Feedback
  • Team engagement, culture and values analytics
  • Goals 
  • Company, team, individual goal setting and achievements
  • Learning 
  • Micro-courses and learning based on team feedback
  • Recognition
  • Leaderboard and latest recognition post given and received

2. Feeds

The Feed shows all the latest post that are created by all employees within the organisation.

There are multiple categories of feed:

a. Internal Feed- Posts that are published only internally to the company. Internal posts cannot be published or shared to external social networks. Think of your internal feed as a kind of realtime intranet

b.External Feed – Posts that are published on external social networks are populated in the external feed.

b. Curated - A feed for pulling in existing articles from the web using RSS feeds.

d. Jobs - An integration with your ATS (applicant tracking system) or job multi-poster that enables Visibly to pull in job vacancies for sharing my employees.

e. My posts - A full list of all your posts, including both live and scheduled post.

f. - Custom  - Custom named feeds for inviting guest users and ring-fencing communications for a specific event.

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3. Chat

Visibly offers both 1-2-1 and group chat functionality. Users can post messages, photos or videos to one another in real-time. 

4. Assets

Assets are marketing files like images, videos, PDF’s, audio files, text files or data sheets that have been uploaded and moderated for sharing. This means any file inside the asset folders are shareable by you or anyone else in the company.

There are different categories of assets.

a. General – You could add your general files in this category. These could be documents that are unrelated to a particular event or campaign.

b. Campaign- These are assets that have been uploaded as part of a marketing or communications brief.

c. My uploaded assets – These are assets that have been uploaded only by you.

As soon as an asset is uploaded and moderated, it is available to the whole company.

File types supported by Visibly are as follows:

.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .mp4, .gif, .pdf

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5. Campaigns

Create and share customer, talent and internal marketing communication campaigns via desktop or mobile. Manage audience messaging, channel distribution and market segmentation. Campaigns are created and managed by Super Admins and Admins. Other users can create content in mind of these campaigns, to score more points or simply because they are the most qualified to do so. Campaigns can be shared with individuals, departments or company wide. Content marketing and projects can be managed end to end.

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6. Moderation

Moderation menu is available to Super Admins, Admins and Moderators.

Any assets created in the Visibly mobile or desktop APPS are moderated and approved or disapproved. If left undecided, they can be moderated at a later date, but are removed from the active moderation list.

Any external posts created in the Visibly mobile or desktop APPS are moderated and approved or disapproved.

Note that internal posts do not require moderation, and are published to the internal feed immediately.

There are 3 types of status for any asset or post

Pending - The post have not been evaluated. No decision has been taken.

Approved - Make it visible to all

Unapproved - It has been rejected

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7. Leaderboard

See where you stand!

On this page, you can see your overall or departmental ranking.

The ranking is calculated by experience points (XP) which are gained by doing various activities like adding new assets, taking part in a campaign or posting new posts as well as getting likes, shares and comments on your own posts.

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8. Analytics

Users can view, compare, slice and dice their engagement culture gap, internal communications, CX and social media analytics from realtime dashboards. 

9. Settings

Settings allow you to make changes in the user profile and general software set up. Depending of you are an Admin or Employee users, you will have access to different settings.

Account Settings - Change user details like profile image or password.

Social Accounts - Connect or disconnect social accounts.

Departments (For Admin and Super Admin) - Add a new departments.

Users (For Admin and Super Admin) - Add a new user, edit, suspend and change users to trusted.

Widgets (For Admin and Super Admin) - To generate a social wall or map widget that can be embedded into your website.


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