How to create and what is a trusted user?

An overview of the trusted user functionality.

What is a trusted user?

A trusted user is an employee (not an Admin) who can be trusted to post on behalf of your company without fear of damaging the brand.

What permissions does a trusted user have?

A trusted user's posts and assets do not need to be moderated before being made public on social media or within the asset library. If a trusted user creates a post for a social channel e.g. Facebook - It will be posted without moderation.

How to create a trusted user? (Admins only)

  1. Go to settings >users.
Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 10.16.22

2. Click "trusted" from the three dots menu against the user you wish to make trusted.

3. Confirm.

P.S - Super admins, admins and moderators are trusted users by default, they can not be marked as untrusted.